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Graydon House Management Services - flexible, friendly support. Where you need it , when you need it.


GHMS offers  tailored and flexible service to its clients in both Public and Private sector adapting and putting into practice proven tools from industry to create efficient, capable and customer centric processes utilising

  • Process Improvement and Process Design tools
  • Lean Sigma
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Lean training workshops and hands on coaching and advice
  • Business process improvement and business process management

With a long career in operational management, management consultancy and business improvement Robert Thomson has developed keen workshop facilitation skills as well as an interest in just what makes people “tick”.

Drum Circles:

Inspired by his early musical career (notably performing in a large outdoor percussion event called “Beat the Clyde” produced and directed by the creator of the hit west end show “Stomp” - Luke Cresswell.) Robert has seen the power of rhythm creation amongst strangers in action and is now offering his own unique interpretation of the Drum Circle concept to corporate team building events.

At its heart lies the idea of a drum circle. This is literally a circle of participants playing mostly hand drums and percussion instruments. Led by a facilitator the circles have fun creating rhythms, this creative teamwork activity encourages deeper inter-relationships by making music as a team where each participant can see where they fit within a grand scheme of things.

The concept can be applied across a range of corporate activities such as:

  • Conference opener and energiser, meeting ice breaker, away day activity or indoor team building exercise.
  • Product Launches
  • After lunch graveyard slot energiser.
  • End of day celebrations – providing a grand finale to corporate conferences.
  • Corporate dinner entertainment
  • Central to these activities are the themes of communication and co-operation amongst your staff, where drums are used to make staff interact with colleagues they would normally pass by- breaking down barriers and improving the workplace. Careful facilitation develops listening skills and cooperation within the group.
    • Being able  to listen and work as a team is crucial in the field of change management where listening to the voice of your customer and your business processes underpins the ability to change.

People lacking self belief in their drumming abilities will soon see and feel how quickly they can contribute to the collective song being developed.  The drum circle gets people working together to create rhythm, express themselves freely and contribute to the success of the group – a valuable metaphor that can easily be transposed to the workplace.

If at anytime you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at 07751732670 or send us an e-mail at


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